1. How To Order 4
Exact steps on how to order a plan (free, one-off or recurring)
2. Setup 9
How to's on setup for iPad, iPhone, Mac, Android, Windows and routers
3. How To Clear Cookies 4
Category contains info on how to clear cookies in popular browsers
4. VPN servers list 1
List of our VPN servers
5. How To's - Client Area 2
How to: change client password, find VPN username, find all email sent to you, etc.
6. FAQ 15
FAQ, Error codes, Troubleshooting
7. Terms and Conditions 2
Shows Terms and Conditions

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Terms of Service
Please note that by UK law, you are required to pay for a TV license when using BBC websites....
Will our service work from anywhere in the world?
Our service will work with most countries in the world. If you are not sure, you can always try...
1.2 iPad and iPhone
 How to setup VPN configuration (L2TP type) for iOS 10 Step 1: Please  tap “Settings...
1. UK VPN Servers List
This is a List of our UK servers required for VPN setup     Country  VPN server nameVPN...
1.5 Windows 8 / 8.1 / 10
Before you start: Most likely you already tried to view UK channels (and you saw “Out UK” or...

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